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The Fab Fleur story began when I made fabric flowers for a friend who was in hospital over Christmas.  When I phoned the ward to ask if she could have flowers they said ‘no’ so I set about designing and making fabric flowers.  


The next bouquet received a ‘ relieved welcome’ from friends who suffer from asthma ( I had not appreciated how fresh flowers affected asthma sufferers !)  


The next sent to Spain to a friend who took her holy orders, they survived the journey perfectly !  


A  Harris Tweed bouquet has been purchased by a lady in Scotland and sent to America. 

More for friends and loved ones, a ruby wedding anniversary and so on. The flower making continues and I still make flowers for friends and family. For those who are not well, are having a tough time, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas and many other occasions.

Inspired by the appreciation I developed a range of flowers in a variety of colours from my favourite fabrics, more recently Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon fabrics.  

I love choosing new fabrics and you will find new bouquets available on a regular basis.

Women for Women International.png

 Women for Women International creates ‘sister-to-sister’ connections between isolated women in Bosnia and individual ‘sponsor sisters’ around the world. 


Women are enrolled on a year-long training programme, where they build support networks and develop skills to earn and save money, improve their family’s health and make their voices heard at home and in their community.


Fabfleur has supported Women for Women International since 2014 and has helped over 5 women. We exchange letters with our 'sisters' to provide them with emotional support and solidarity. 

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