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  • How Do I Look After My Fabric Flowers?
    The products we sell are very low maintenance, so there won't be a lot you need to do in order to look after your flowers. However when you receive your flowers you will get a small card with the care instructions on them- Please do not water and keep out of direct sunlight or damp conditions.
  • How Long Will My Fabric Flowers Take To Arrive?
    We aim to have your product with you in one - two weeks.
  • Do You Offer A Warranty On The Fabric Flowers?
    Unfortunately we are unable to offer any Warranty on our products as this depends on how well you care for your flowers. However, we do provide care instructions so you know how to look after your flowers.
  • Our Returns Policy
    As our products are handcrafted and take a long period of time to make we do not offer returns. However, if you are unhappy with your order then please get in contact and we will do our best to help. We want to ensure high customer satisfaction and provide you with the best service possible. If there are any problems you can contact us through any of our social media pages, by our email
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